New drain cloth for wind instruments

Wind musicians know that the accumulation of liquids and spit inside their instruments is a major problem, for performance on the one hand, and for hygienic emptying on the other. To combat this problem, we present Elite Hygienic Drain Cloth, an innovative cloth that collects liquids quickly and efficiently, keeping your instrument and the place where it is played in optimal condition.

Drain Cloth is an innovative solution to solve a historical hygiene problem, developing these exceptional characteristics:

Superior Absorption

The Elite Hygienic Drain Cloth is made with a high-density fabric that absorbs moisture and liquids more efficiently.

Guaranteed hygiene

It incorporates an antibacterial and antifungal treatment that prevents the formation of mold and bacteria, avoiding unpleasant odors or the transmission of diseases.

Easy to use

Simply lay the cloth flat with the absorbent side facing up and drain your instrument to absorb moisture. Once finished, it can be folded with the waterproof part facing out so that it can be transported hygienically and washed comfortably.


Antibacterial technology is embedded in the fibers of the fabric, allowing hand or machine washing without losing its functionality, allowing prolonged use.

Compact and light

Take it with you wherever you go. Quick folding system for optimal transport, guaranteeing safety and hygiene.

Tips & tricks


Once you finish using the cloth, fold it in three, leaving the waterproof part on the outside. Then fold from the ends towards the center to make a small package and tie it with the central elastic.

The antibacterial and antifungal properties are part of the fiber of the fabric, they are not lost during washing, so your product will enjoy a long useful life.

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